Prisoner in Deep Confinement

Prisoner in Deep Confinement
  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Release: 1.5

Prisoner in Deep Confinement is a very interesting Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail for all those characters specialized primarily in damage over time (DoT), regardless of whether or not they belong to the Path of Nihility.

You shouldn't equip it on just any character with some form of Damage over Time mechanic (many characters apply it), but rather on those whose majority of damage is based on this type of damage. Therefore, we will equip it especially on typical Nihility characters with the role of DoTer, such as Kafka or Sampo.

Keep in mind that, although the set is a very good option for these type of characters, there are still many other relic sets in the game. Therefore, for some characters, we have even better alternatives. Nevertheless, it is generally considered the best set you can equip on a DoTer.


2 Pieces Effect
ATK increases by 12%.
4 Pieces Effect
For every DoT the target enemy is afflicted with, the wearer will ignore 6% of its DEF when dealing DMG to it. This effect is valid for a max of 3 DoTs.