Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge

Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge
  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Release: 2.3

"Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge" is a fascinating Relic Set for characters ideal for Weakness Break teams, particularly for those whose primary role is DPS. For Supports, we already have a more suitable set, such as the "Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations" set.

This set provides Break Effect, a crucial statistic for this type of character, and it also allows us to ignore a portion of the Defense of enemies we inflict Break DMG upon if we reach at least 150% Break Effect. Furthermore, we can ignore even more of the enemies' Defense when dealing Super Break DMG if we have at least 250% Break Effect. It's important to note that this set won't be ideal if we're not performing Super Break DMG or if we don't reach the relic's established limits; ideally, we should aim for that 250% Break Effect.

In general terms, this set is more suitable and powerful for the vast majority of DPS in Weakness Break teams than the "Thief of Shooting Meteor" set, provided we achieve that 250% Break Effect.


2 Pieces Effect
Increases Break Effect by 16%.
4 Pieces Effect
If the wearer's Break Effect is 150% or higher, ignores 10% of the enemy target's DEF when dealing Break DMG to them. When the wearer's Break Effect is 250% or higher, the Super Break DMG they deal to enemy targets additionally ignores 15% of the targets' DEF.

Best Characters for Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge