Band of Sizzling Thunder

Band of Sizzling Thunder
  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Release: 1.0

"Band of Sizzling Thunder" is a Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail designed for Lightning element characters whose role is DPS, as all the passive effects are geared towards increasing the damage output of the equipped character.

Certainly, it's not the best set in the world, as there are generally more compelling sets available. However, it is a viable option for most Lightning element DPS characters, although it's also true that many characters of this element often have other more interesting Relic Set choices for them.

This set provides an increase in TLightning damage (hence recommended for characters of this element) and a rather intriguing ATK bonus to the character after using the Basic Skill (though the drawback is that this bonus only lasts for 1 turn, so you should spam this skill quite a bit). In summary, it's not groundbreaking, but it's not bad either.


2 Pieces Effect
Increases Lightning DMG by 10%.
4 Pieces Effect
When the wearer uses their Skill, increases the wearer's ATK by 20% for 1 turn(s).

Best Characters for Band of Sizzling Thunder