Golden Troupe

Golden Troupe
  • Stars: ★★★★★
  • Release: 4.0

Golden Troupe is an Artifact Set that provides extremely high Elemental Skill Damage bonuses to characters who wear it, making it an excellent set for those characters whose damage primarily relies on their Elemental Skill.

This becomes even more beneficial when it comes to characters who tend to deal damage while not on the battlefield. You know, there are many characters that inflict passive damage when they are not actively in combat. To fully maximize the potential of this Artifact Set, we should consider characters who deliver this type of damage through their Elemental Skill.


2 Pieces Effect
+20% Elemental Skill DMG.
4 Pieces Effect
+25% Elemental Skill DMG & another +25% Elemental Skill DMG when character is not on the field (until character is 2s on the field).