Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy

Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy
  • Stars: ★★★★★
  • Release: 4.6

"Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy" is an Artifact Set that boosts the damage of characters who have the Bond of Life mechanic like Arlecchino, making it quite situational.

It actually increases the damage of the character wearing it as long as they activate a Bond of Life or when it fluctuates (increases or decreases). Therefore, it's not absolutely necessary for the wearer to have this mechanic in their abilities, as is the case with weapons like Flowing Purity.

However, accumulating all the damage bonuses provided by this Artifact Set is quite challenging for a character without the Bond of Life mechanic. Hence, I wouldn't recommend equipping it to a character with a weapon that applies this effect. For optimal results, it's best to equip it to a character who naturally triggers the Bond of Life.


2 Pieces Effect
ATK +18%
4 Pieces Effect
When the value of a Bond of Life increases or decreases, this character deals 18% increased DMG for 6s. Max 3 stacks.

Best Characters for Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy