Guard of Wuthering Snow

Guard of Wuthering Snow
  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Release: 1.0

"Guard of Wuthering Snow" is an ideal Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail for characters following the Path of Preservation. However, you'll need to consider certain factors when choosing a character for this set, as not all characters on this path derive equal benefits from it.

This set is more oriented towards tank characters aiming to withstand incoming damage. I mention this because many characters on this path prefer to boost their Defense (another means of endurance) to provide better shields to their allies and enhance their protection, as seen with characters like March 7th or Gepard.

However, some characters on this path, listed below, adopt a different approach to protecting their allies by essentially absorbing damage themselves. Hence, they must possess excellent survivability to avoid falling in combat.

In terms of survival, this set proves highly interesting. The 2-piece set effect slightly reduces the damage received, and the 4-piece set effect provides a minor healing and energy generation for the character when their health drops to 50% or below. It's worth noting that both effects are quite compelling, especially if your primary goal is, as mentioned earlier, to enhance your character's overall survivability.


2 Pieces Effect
+8% DMG Reduction.
4 Pieces Effect
Restores 8% HP & 5 Energy every turn if Health is less or equal to 50%.

Best Characters for Guard of Wuthering Snow