Best Build for Yaoyao

  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Element: Dendro Dendro
  • Weapon: Polearm Polearm
  • Region: Liyue
  • Birthday: 06 March
  • Release: 3.4

Yaoyao is a Dendro Element Healer and is therefore a very playable character in team compositions as she can cover our team's heals while applying a decent amount of Dendro to enemies in the process.

Despite having a mechanism where if we start running or jumping she deals more damage, she works much better by using her as a Support DPS, you execute her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst and keep rotating, the usual.

Yaoyao Body

Base Stats

HP: 12289
ATK: 212
DEF: 751
Special Stat: +24% HP

Yaoyao Support Healer

We can use her in practically any Dendro composition since she can occupy the position of Healer and contribute Elemental Reactions of her element to support her team.

However, it would be best to use her to be the character that carries the Deepwood Memories set so that another Dendro character like Nahida or Alhaitham (to give some examples) can benefit from the Dendro Resistance reduction to enemies and can Equip a more suitable set of artifacts such as the Gilded Dreams set.

As with most Dendro characters, she makes good use of Elemental Mastery and in this case also Health if you want to boost her healing.

Recommended Skill Lvl & Constellations

Best Weapons

Best Artifacts

Artifact Sets

Primary Stats

Sands of Eon
SandsHP %
ER %
Goblet of Eonothem
GobletHP %
Circlet of Logos
CircletHealing %



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