Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods

Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods
  • Stars: ★★★★★
  • Release: 4.3

"Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods" is a Genshin Impact artifact set tailored for Geo characters. However, unlike other sets for this element, it is more focused on characters whose damage scales with ATK rather than DEF.

This set proves to be highly potent for such characters, as the 4-piece set effect allows for a substantial Geo Damage Bonus with two relatively straightforward conditions to fulfill. The first involves simply using the Elemental Skill, a common action for all characters in the game. The second condition requires having an active Crystallize shield (Geo Elemental Reaction), so collecting any available shields from the ground will suffice.

Navia, naturally, maximizes the benefits of this set, but any Geo character whose damage is based on attack will derive significant advantages from it.


2 Pieces Effect
ATK +18%
4 Pieces Effect
After using an Elemental Skill, gain a 20% Geo DMG Bonus for 10s. While under a shield granted by the Crystallize reaction, the above effect will be increased by 150%, and this additional increase disappears 1s after that shield is lost.

Best Characters for Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods