Belobog of the Architects

Belobog of the Architects
  • Stars: ★★★★
  • Release: 1.0

"Belobog of the Architects" is a very interesting Planar Ornament Set for Preservation characters who benefit from Defense, which is actually the majority of them since it generally enhances the shields that many of these characters provide.

As you can see, it provides us with a significant amount of Defense, especially if our character has a high Effect Hit Rate, a statistic that is also valuable for this type of character since some, like the Trailblazer Preservation, have Taunt mechanics that depend on this, while others like Gepard or March 7th will have a higher chance of freezing enemies, which also helps our team survive better.


2 Pieces Effect
Increases the wearer's DEF by 15%. When the wearer's Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, the wearer gains an extra 15% DEF.

Best Characters for Belobog of the Architects