Nymph’s Dream

Nymph's Dream
  • Stars: ★★★★★
  • Region: Sumeru
  • Release: 3.6

Nymph's Dream is an Artifact Set created for Hydro characters, similar to "Heart of Depth", but with a distinguishing touch as it provides us with a significant amount of Hydro DMG and ATK% instead of NA DMG. Both are highly recommended for Hydro Main DPS characters.

As for me, I think I'll stick with "Heart of Depth" since both options are quite similar and are used on the same characters, and because it never hurts to acquire better pieces of "Blizzard Strayer". Or I suppose you could equip some characters with one set and others with the other set.


2 Pieces Effect
+15% Hydro DMG
4 Pieces Effect
Character will gain a mark after NA, CA, PA, ES or EB for 8s & max 3 stacks. +7/16/25% ATK & +4/9/15% Hydro DMG depending on marks. Each mark is independent.

Best Characters for Nymph’s Dream